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Christmas homework for year 3

Many Christmas resources and activities for mince pies, advent, christmas eve, christmas day, boxing day, 12 days of christmas, new year, christmas pudding.

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Challenge your students to complete addition in their head, say using a left-to-right addition algorithm, instead of with paper and pencil. For more proficient students, make mental addition a game by having speed competitions.

christmas homework for year 3

Kindergarten Addition What's in the Gift? Sums to 18 What's in the Gift?

christmas homework for year 3

Sums to 50 What's in the Gift? Sums to 98 What's in the Gift?

Studying and Learning - Christmas Music (Jazz Instrumental)- Famous Christmas Carols Playlist

Sums to What's in the Gift? Sums to Santa's List Addition Single-Digit Santa's List Addition Two-Digit Santa's List Addition Three-Digit Santa's List Addition Four-Digit Christmas subtraction worksheets.

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The "What's in the Gift? What's in the Gift?

christmas homework for year 3

Differences to 9 What's in the Gift? Differences to 25 What's in the Gift? Differences to 49 What's in the Gift?

christmas homework for year 3

Differences to 99 What's in the Gift? Differences to Christmas multiplication worksheets. See our Cookie Policy for information Christmas Trees Woodlands Junior School is in the south-east corner of England Most houses in Britain, will have a tree of some sort or other which they will decorate and will place the presents homework. The for Christmas christmas is a fir tree but now-a-days more people buy artificial trees to 'save the earth'.

The decorating of the year is usually a family occasion, with everyone helping.

christmas homework for year 3

Tinsel, chocolates and fairy lights The Christmas tree became popular in England in christmas Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, brought a Christmas tree over from Germany and put it in Windsor Castle. The Royal couple were illustrated in a newspaper standing around the Christmas tree with their children, and the tradition of boston globe essay a tree became fashionable.

Decorations on Christmas Trees During the Victorian yearsChristmas trees were decorated with candles to remind children of the stars for the sky at the time of the homework of Jesus. Using candles was, of course, a great fire hazard.

Victorian Christmas Facts and Information

Today, candles have been replaced by little coloured electric lights, more a reminder of the fairground than the sacred symbolisation of the 'Light of the World'. Christmas trees were also decorated with sweets and cakes hung with ribbon. InWoolworths first sold manufactured Christmas tree ornaments which proved to be very popular.

christmas homework for year 3

Today, Christmas trees are decorated with tinsel, lights and homework hits home ornaments which hang from the branches. Chocolate coins or chocolate shapes are also hung on the Christmas tree and the presents are put under the tree.

Christmas Activities

An angel or star is usually put on the very top of the tree. The angel reminds Christians of the angel who brought glad tidings of great joy to the shepherds in the field. Tinsel Fairy lights Why do we decorate the Christmas tree? Long time ago people used to decorate trees outside each winter.

christmas homework for year 3

When the trees had lost their leaves, it was felt that the spirits living in the trees had abandon them. This made people very worried because they believed that without tree-spirits the trees would not grow leaves ever again.

christmas homework for year 3
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Kids over the same old jokes? Victorian children were encouraged to make their own cards and there is even evidence that Queen Victoria had her own children do this. Later this can be developed to dividing one-digit numbers or quantities by

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Partitioning practice, timed challenges and problem-solving — there's a different activity to help practise everything they've learnt in school in the first year of KS2 and help them relate maths to everyday life.